The latest information about Tande’s health! They were handed over by the director of the World Cup

During the trial run for the World Cup match on Thursday in Planica, Norwegian Daniel Andre Tande fell into a nightmare. He jumped at the age of thirty and just after crossing the threshold he lost control of the wheel nartamand the sky grabbed his left plank.

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The monstrous fall of Tande in Planica. “It was a very hard blow”

Fatal fall of Tande in Planica

Jumper immediately tensed his entire body and pressed his hands together to protect the inner bodies. Even then, he knew the jump would be disastrous. After flying 99 meters, the 27-year-old Norwegian fell on the bulla, after a while he bounced on it and floated down after landing. The rider was immediately received by the medical service and he was treated for a long time at the bottom of the landing hill.

Norwegians shocked after Tande’s fall. ‘This is a jumper’s worst nightmare’

New information about Norwegian health. They were handed over by Sandro Pertile

After a few tens of minutes of waiting, the first official information about the Norwegian’s health appeared. World Cup director Sandro Pertile told journalists in Slovenia that Tande’s condition is stable and that we will have to wait several hours for more information, as Kacper Merk, a journalist from “Eurosport”, also wrote on Twitter. Tande will now most likely undergo further tests in the hospital.

Daniel Andre TandeThe terrifying fall of Daniel Andre Tande in Planica. He fell on the landing site

Norwegians shocked. “He hit his head, he fell from a great height”

Journalist Joakim Johansen wrote on Twitter that the sweater “was given oxygen” after the fall. – He hit his head, he fell from a great height. This is the worst thing that can happen to a jumper – said former NRK television player and expert Johan Remen Evensen, quoted by “Dagbladet”. – What a terrible fall. He fell from a great height and with great speed. It looked terrible. We are in shock, Anders Jacobsen added.

Jumping is back!  The first individual race in Planica.  Where and when to watch? [TRANSMISJA]Jumping is back! The first individual race in Planica. Where and when to watch? [TRANSMISJA]

The first of four individual competitions to take place during the final of the current season of the Jumping World Cup is underway in Planica. The players compete on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – in two individual and one team competition. Live report on

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