The lifeguard app, used by most Swedish regions, enables faster emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation by sending notifications to connected users. The app that most regions have chosen to join can be used by everyone for free, but in Uppsala Region they have developed their own app that is only available to healthcare workers.

Malin Sjöberg Högrell (L), regional councilor and chairman of the hospital management, explains to the radio that the decision to develop its own app was partly due to the fact that a study was underway into the system that the other using regions. “When it comes to healthcare, we always want to go for evidence-based data, and then we wanted to wait for that study before investing elsewhere.”

At the same time, the region wanted to have access to a system “to more easily connect back to, follow up and help people who have experienced distressing situations related to lifesaving efforts made”, so they chose to launch their own app development that is only aimed at healthcare personnel.

The president of the Norwegian Heart and Lung Association, Anders Åkesson, tells the radio that “it’s good that they have a system that allows people who work in health care to help in case of cardiac arrest in the city”. at the same time, he emphasizes that the large percentage of users who can help is the public.

Anders Åkesson calls for more coordination by the regions, also on this point:

– It’s a bit strange that the regions can’t come together. It again shows the perspective that care is unequal.