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Health Minister Adam Niedzielski called for masks to be worn in cemeteries as well. “During holidays, we visit cemeteries in crowds, it is difficult to keep our distance,” the head of the health ministry said on Wednesday.

At the conference, the Minister of Health emphasized that we currently have two real protections against infection: vaccination and masks.

“Vaccination, as you can see every step of the way in Poland, just works. All the voices telling various uncreated stories are just not true. Vaccination just works, if only because of the smaller number of hospital admissions we are dealing with , less number of infections And do not forget that at the moment we are dealing with a delta variant, which is much more contagious “- emphasized Niedzielski.

The head of the Ministry of Health pointed out that masks are also an important and real protection. “I know that during the holidays we got used a little bit, because we stayed outside more and the number of infections was small (…), but now the situation is different” – he said.

“I appeal to everyone, especially in the context of the upcoming holidays, to use masks in cemeteries in addition to vaccinations. There will be no strict regulations here, but this is an appeal to responsibility not only for yourself, but for your loved ones, for The Polish tradition is that we visit cemeteries in crowd, the number of people appearing in these memorial places is very large, there is a crowd, it is difficult to keep their distance, so I think every responsible person will decide what is obvious from my point of view “- said Niedzielski.

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