The Ministry of Health lifts restrictions on the smallest carriers

“The smallest carriers are forced to carry several people, while larger entities can transport a much larger number of people in one trip. This condition must be assessed negatively” – reads Adam Abramowicz, spokesperson for small and medium-sized enterprises to the Minister of Health.

Until now, the regulations for the smallest carriers have been very restrictive. The government has not changed the rules for transporting people with the smallest buses. Despite the easing of public transport restrictions, vehicles carrying up to 9 people still had the half-occupied seat limit. In other words – the driver could take up to 5 people. These provisions have been successfully withdrawn.

“One should not forget about the economic effects of restrictions. The losses suffered by Polish entrepreneurs every day affect the state of the state budget, not only by reducing tax revenues, but also by increasing expenditure” – we read in the quoted document .

Changes to public transport

As of May 15, the government has relaxed restrictions on collective transport, including: buses and trams. The regulations assume that 100 percent of people can travel by public transport. number of seats or 50 percent. the sum of the number of seats and standing places.

It is estimated that in Poland there are more than 125,000 transport companies employing 700 thousand. people and are responsible for about 7 percent. our GDP. Most companies are small entities and outperform the competition with low prices.

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