The most beautiful amusement parks for this summer

To spend a happy and carefree summer, there are amusement parks. Here are the most beautiful ones.

The most beautiful amusement parks –

When we decide to journey, especially with the family, the most sought after destinations are those where our children can have fun.

But that’s it parts, they are also suitable for adults and fans of animated films and those who never stopped dreaming and fantasizing.

The best amusement parks to visit in the summer

These places are truly magical and keep you coming back children adults and to entertain those who do not yet have a job or other problems.

Many of these amusement parks also feature high-voltage adult-only attractions.

Just think about it roller coaster always among the most terrifying and suitable for those who want to experience a thrill.

Many theme parks are present all over the world and even in Europe there are some that are really awesome.

LARGE’Italyhas many amusement parks and the most popular and famous is Gardaland located at Castelnuovo del Garda.

Gardaland –

It opened in 1975 and has been a favorite destination for many families during these almost 50 years.

its mascot, Parsley, he was loved to such an extent that it was also decided to develop an animated series dedicated to him by expanding the characters within the park.

Soon after, we have wonderland, located at Wise, in the province of Ravenna, which is considered a real miracle.

In Rimini, on the other hand, we find a very special park that takes the name of Italy in miniature.

Here you will find miniatures of the most important monuments and sites in Italy with an area dedicated to Europe and the whole world.

Among other parks in Italy we find Magic land in Valmontone, Cinecittà World to Rome and until recently a Molfetta, in his province Barry there was Miragic.

This park is definitely closed but according to the latest news it has been bought back and will be renovated and reopened soon.

Fun outside of Italy

If, on the other hand, we leave the Italian territory, we find among the most beautiful amusement parks of all Disneyland Paris.

It is the best known and most popular amusement parkEuropewhere the magic Disney it literally comes alive.

Beyond finding movie stars disney, we will also find characters from all over the world Miracle, Star Wars and themed shops and restaurants.

Disneyland Paris –

In Germany, to Rust, there it isEuropa Park, which offers 80 attractions in 18 themed areas each dedicated to a European country different.

If, on the other hand, we want to immerse ourselves in an amusement park that reminds us of the world of fairy tales, we must go to Netherlands where we find Efteling.

In Spain, on the contrary, we find PortAventura, formed by six different worlds and suitable for every age group.

What makes it different from other amusement parks is the world in which the environments are believable thanks to the use of materials found in nature.

If you want to spend a day immersed in beautiful places and where you can enjoy the air reminiscent of exotic atmospheres, just go to Denmark.

Here is the largest park in Scandinavia and the second largest amusement park in the world.

We are talking about Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen it is considered one of the best places to visit in the world.

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