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This year, many innovations in the field of technology and science have reappeared, what should we remember? Take a look at the overview of the most important in 2014.

In the realm of technology and science, there is a lot going on even in a single day, and it is almost impossible to pick just a few important things from the whole year. Even tiny progress is an important part of development, and even a seemingly uninspiring discovery or technology can have a huge impact on our future.

The Machine or a new kind of computer

HP engineers are behind the breakthroughs in memristors, and this year has shown it to be a major revolution.

HP has introduced a new form of computer which is still in development, but if it is successful it could change the way all the computers we know work. The Machine will use electrons within the computer chip, photons for communication (data transmission) and ions (memristor) for data storage.

This revolutionary memristor memory machine (fast memory that stores data even without power) will interrupt the classic operation of programs that need to be loaded from the storage system into the main operating memory for a long time. This process will disappear completely and there will be only one universal memory.

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Three basic parts of the machine

HP is also developing a special operating system for this machine, which should be available with machine emulation next year so that programmers can prepare applications before the machine is physically ready. The goal is initially a more demanding enterprise and server segment, but it can be assumed that this revolution will quickly reach ordinary computers and miniature electronics. It is estimated that we should have a capacity of several hundred terabytes in mobile phones by 2020.

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