The murder of Iwona Cygan. One of the suspects leaves the arrest. The reason for the deteriorating health

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The police have arrested 29-year-old Krystian W.. The man confessed to the murder of his wife Karolina

The court in Rzeszów decided on Thursday morning to suspend the pre-trial detention of Józef K.. Press spokesman Tomasz Mucha informed in an interview with onetthat “the court relied primarily on the information provided by the director of the prison, supported by advice from an expert in the field of medicine, about the health and living conditions of the suspect”.

– It is about the deteriorating health of Józef K., who needed constant support from his fellow inmates in basic hygiene activities. His detention under pre-trial detention conditions would, in the court’s view, violate the constitutional right to humane treatment of persons deprived of their liberty, he told the portal. At the same time, the court states that the man will still receive a heavy sentence. Mucha adds that there is a risk that the suspect will influence the course of this procedure, but that the danger is small at this stage.

Józef K. has been in detention for almost 5 years. His son Paweł K, among others, is behind bars.

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The Case of the Murder of Iwona Cygan

On August 13, 1998, 17-year-old Iwona Cygan left her home in Szczucin (Małopolska) to meet her boyfriend. The next day she was found dead on the bank of the Vistula. An autopsy indicated strangulation, although the perpetrators tried to fake a sexual assault. The investigation into this case was halted because the perpetrator could not be identified. After almost 20 years, the Krakow police officers of the X archives managed to break the conspiracy of silence between the witnesses of the murder. The trial started in June 2018.

Paweł K., who was brought from Austria, was charged with murder, his father was accused of being an accomplice. In turn, Iwona’s friend was accused of giving false testimony and the local police officers were accused of abusing their powers, failing to fulfill their official duties and obstructing the investigation in order to obtain material benefits.

In June, a witness whose testimony was the basis for bringing charges against nine police officers will say his words were manipulated and the main testimony was interrupted by the head of the X Archives. More about this in the text:

Iwona Cygan (photo: family archive)A new thread was the murder of Iwona Cygan. “My testimony has been manipulated”

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