The New Indiana Jones: The Shocking Ending, But Harrison Ford Still Rolls

Pop culture is best discussed with friends over a beer. But what to do when friends don’t have time? The beer has arrived? The answer is Spoiler, a brand new CzechCrunche podcast, in which three presenters bring their fresh perspective on current events in the world of movies, series, games, sports, music and other entertainment industries. We won’t get into the hot mess or zigzag between the lines – and we’ll start our new podcast with the world’s most famous archaeologist right away.

We’re not afraid to go deep and reveal what you didn’t need to know. Ruined Day is serious business, but Spoiler doesn’t take itself seriously at all. That’s why it can help you make a bad day a bit better, for example with humor that has rounded edges. All episodes will be available both at and at YouTube as a video podcast (also available below) and also on Spotify, Apple podcast and other popular services.

In the first episode of Spoiler, we took a look at the latest photo with the most famous archaeologist on the planet, on Indiana Jones and the Tool of Fate. Although Harrison Ford will be celebrating his eighty-first birthday in a few days, his role still has plenty of swagger. Sometimes Ford’s performance alone is enough for this, other times he has to help his younger colleagues or the skills of movie tricks, which has rejuvenated the famous actor by decades.

That works? Alright. Nevertheless, the viewer does not have to leave the film completely satisfied. For those who found the alien ride over the crystal skulls at the end of part four too over the top, the end of part five with Dr. Jones can go even further. However, we will also analyze the “interest” of chewing gum from Morocco, we will swoop down on the beloved tricycles and try to find an answer to the question of who will take over the archaeological scepter?

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