The new Pokémon card game expansion is Temporal Paradox: here’s the news

The Pokémon Company International has just revealed that the next expansion to the Game of Trading cards Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be called Time Paradox, it will be available on November 3, 2023 worldwide.

Inspired by the Pokémon Paradox from the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games, this new expansion will introduce Time Past and Time Future Pokémon and Trainer cards, as recently revealed during the Pokémon World Championship 2023. The durable and strong Pokémon of the past tend to have direct attacks that deal a lot of damage and are harder to hit. Fast and technical, Future Time Pokémon tend to have abilities and attacks with added effects that allow for clever maneuvers and cunning strategies. Also, Trainer Time Past cards tend to support Pokémon Time Past, while Trainer Time Past cards tend to support Pokémon Time Future.

Technical Machine cards also return in this Pokémon TCG expansion, as new Pokémon Tool cards that give a new attack to the Pokémon they’re attached to.

Notable cards in this set include:

13 Pokémon-ex and seven Pokémon-ex Teracristal
34 rare Pokémon illustrated cards
15 rare special illustration cards, including Pokemon and Help cards
28 specially printed Ultra Rare full art cards, including Pokémon-ex and Helper cards
Seven specially embossed super-gold rare cards

Trainers will find his cards Scarlet and Violet – Temporal Paradox in booster packs, Star Trainer sets and Special Collections. Additionally, starting November 2, 2023, Trainers will be able to play Scarlet & Violet—Time Paradox digitally in the Pokémon TCG Live app (tabletop version here ). our review) for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows devices. Trainers will be able to collect and battle the new Pokémon Time Past and Pokémon Time Future and receive in-game bonuses when they log into the app.

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