the new Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO and Scrambler Urban Motard

The second episode of the Ducati World Première 2022 has just ended, through which the manufacturer Borgo Panigale presented the new Scrambler. An explosion of innovations for a motorcycle known all over the world, which for years has written the history of the Italian brand.

Ducati thus revealed to the public, in an intense and interesting episode entitled “Land of Joy”, its own new Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO and Scrambler Urban Motard (after the Scrambler 1100 PRO introduced last year). The first was created to pay tribute to the history of the air-cooled two-cylinder engine, 50 years after its first introduction to the Ducati motorcycle in 1971.

Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO pays tribute to the companies of the company Borgo Panigale. For this bike, the Ducati Style Center was inspired by some of the iconic Ducati elements of the 1970s, such as the special “Giallo Ocra” dragonfly, the Ducati logo of the time designed by Giugiaro, and the curved wheels. There are also other special stylistic details, such as the circular mirrors and the brown saddle with special seams.

The Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO pays tribute to the history and business of Borgo Panigale

The plan of the motorcycle is emblematic but still modern and original, the frame is agile and the engine is 1,079 cm3 capable of releasing 86 καβαλί of power. The Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO is equipped with three basic driving functions and, thanks to the headlight with LED lighting guide, is always visible and recognizable even during the day.

The other innovation for 2022 (all revealed through the Ducati World Première series) is Scrambler Urban Motard, born to experience the city with attention through a combination of style, sports and entertainment. The name chosen refers to the atmosphere of the big cities and is addressed to those who live the city with energy and enthusiasm. Ducati offers a new vibrancy that combines the white Star White Silk and the Red Ducati GP ’19 in an energetic graphic that has never been seen before, inspired by the world of street art and metropolitan graffiti.

Ducati presents the new Scambler Urban Motard

Scrambler Urban Motard, who was born to get to know the city by making himself known

It has a twin 803 cm3 L twin-engine engine, which offers one power 73 hp and offers excellent performance. The motorcycle has 17 ”wheels, high front mudguard, flat seat and side plates. All Ducati and Ducati Scrambler models are equipped with ABS Cornering, which guarantees high levels of safety. Both new Scramblers will be available at Ducati dealerships from November 2021 and are also manufactured in the 35 kW version for A2 license holders.

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