the overpass collapsed on a street full of cars [NAGRANIE]

According to the website, one of the bridges collapsed during the demolition of the viaduct, blocking the main artery, which is currently Batalionów Chłopskich Street. There is no information about the victims of this traffic accident, but the structure is known to crush one car. It was parked and no one was in it.

The work on site is being carried out by the public prosecutor and the emergency services together with the police. Arrangements are needed to manage the risk of a catastrophe that threatens the lives or health of many people and property.

It was supposed to be demolished, but it collapsed

Demolition work on this facility started a few days earlier. Everything went well until October 21. At that moment, around 4 p.m., a big bang was heard, and in nearby houses, as witnesses report, “The glasses fell off the table.”

The collapse was commented by Koszalin Vice President Andrzej Kierzek

“The contractor had the entire demolition project and traffic management plan approved. He carried out everything in accordance with the documents, but life verified the plans. It turned out that the decision to close the bridge, long criticized by some, was the right one.”

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