The principal of the primary school in Kupiska received the Golden Badge for Merit for Sport

photo: Paweł Wądołowski

On Friday (October 15), at the ceremony in Kupiska, he received another award – the Golden Badge of Merit for Sport. As Karol Łebkowski emphasizes, the award in Oslo is a great honor.

For me it is a great enrichment in the wrestling environment. There are very few of these awards and it is a very prestigious award. I do all this while on vacation. Thanks to the head of the municipal manager I can use this leave when it is necessary

– says Karol Łebkowski.

The mayor of Łomża Municipality, Piotr Kłys, who attended the ceremony, admitted he was concerned about whether someone who works so intensively outside the school would make a good headmaster. As he admits, he thought yes.

At the very beginning I had some doubts about whether there would be a problem with the organization of the school, but after a few more trips to the competition they all subsided. When I talk to Mr. Karol, I see that in the evenings, when he works in the hotel room on the preparation for the competition, on the struggle of the athletes, he also sends emails to his teachers or writes information about the Libra

– says Mayor Piotr Kłys.

The gold badge was presented on behalf of the Minister of Sports by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Dariusz Piontkowski.

I am glad that such people can pursue their passions. We usually associate big events with big urban centers, and it turns out that you can live in a small town and be a recognizable person at the same time, at least in some areas, around the world. I am honored to fire the director

– says Dariusz Piontkowski.

The Golden Badge of Merit for Sport is an award presented by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.

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