The Record show is back, with an episode full of fun

Finally we can attend The display of records, in its summer edited version. The program, as in its classic version, is always conducted by Gerry Scotti, taking a cue from the international scheme imported from the United States, which examines talents of various types, in the hope that they can surpass the current records held by some other talents scattered around the world. The show then proposes new records under the careful scrutiny of an official Guinness World Records judge, as women and men from all backgrounds challenge their limits.

What do we know?

Outdoor testing takes place atMonza Racecourse. On the tracks of the temple of Formula 1, the public will watch spectacular feats.
To tell and assign the external files to the sender Umberto Pelizzari – holder, in his long career, of world records in all disciplines related to freediving. Instead, judges sent from the London headquarters will validate and certify the effective achievement of the various records achieved in the studio: Lorenzo Veltri And Sofia Greenacre with the Ambassador Marco Frigati, historical and much-loved figure of the program. However, there will also be room for moments of real live challenge, with two or more performers competing to achieve a new impossible record.
The The Guinness World Record was born in 1955 as a book, published every year since thenwhich brings together all the primates of the world and every species. It is one of the world’s best-selling books, published in more than 100 countries and translated into 37 languages. From the printed edition comes the television one, with a presence in 35 countries. He made his debut in Italy on Canale 5 in 2006.
also Jerry Scotty is the holder of another unbeaten record: he is the presenter with the most episodes in the world (1,690) of the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” quiz.

personalities present

As for who we will see in the episode, there will be challenging moments that will hardly tire the audience. Among the challenges will be the big protagonists Strong and Strong women. But not only that, in this edition, after so many years, his exciting test Palo Grasso: a pole 12 meters long, placed horizontally and completely covered with grease, which must be covered without falling and in the shortest possible time. Each week some intrepid competitors will attempt the feat and the one with the best overall time will have to battle it out in the final episode with Antoninos PapasGuinness World Record holder since 2015.

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