The SKOK Wołomin case. How dirty money was laundered in the crematorium

The SKOK Wołomin scandal is one of the biggest economic scandals in the Third Republic of Poland. It’s an absolutely new story in many ways. It involves prominent politicians, celebrities, business and service people, and members of the criminal world. Almost PLN 3 billion evaporated from SKOK Wołomin, Poland’s second largest credit union, which went bankrupt in 2015.

According to the newspaper, SKOK Wołomin extorted around two billion zlotys, part of the money of which was to be invested in various industries: from media and tourism to the crematorium. “A final judgment has just been rendered on this last” investment project “, reports the daily.

“For participation in an organized criminal group and money laundering, three people associated with the Kremulus company of Kalisz were sentenced to suspended prison terms and fines. They also have to give ‘washed’ more than 2.5 million PLN “- reported” PB “.

As we read in the newspaper, the Kremulus company was founded in November 2012. “In the same month, it bought land for the construction of a cremation plant from the magistrate in Kalisz, and opened it three years more. late. From the start, the chairman and shareholder (now the majority shareholder) of Kremulus was Agnieszka N.-R., Sister of the wife of Piotr P. (vice-chairman of the supervisory board of SKOK Wołomin – ed. .) “- he brings back.

“For participation in a criminal group and money laundering in the amount of at least PLN 1.575 million. Kalisz District Court sentenced Piotr P.’s sister-in-law to one and a half years in prison, suspended of five years and a fine of PLN 12,000. “PLN 1.575 million for the state” – informs “BUT”.

The newspaper reports that with Agnieszka N.-R. the former vice-chairman and shareholder of Kremulus, Marcin F. and Grzegorz R., “another person associated with the company running the Kalisz body cremation plant”, were sentenced. “They both heard two-year prison terms, suspended five years and fines of PLN 12,000 and PLN 13,000, respectively,” the daily added.

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