The songs and the meaning of “Give Me The Future”, Bastille’s new album

It will be released in February but on TIMMUSIC you can already listen to the track “No Bad Days”

I Bastille, British alternative rock band with billions of streams, are set to return to the scene with a new project, Give me the future, of which a single has just been released, No bad days (already on TIMMUSIC).

This is what the Lyrics.


Bastille’s new album, due out February 4, is a tribute to humanity in the technological age and reflects on the strangeness of living in an age that may seem like science fiction. Fun and provocative, with electronic and dancefloor atmospheres, the album explores the opportunities offered by new technologies on the one hand, and the dark side of online life on the other.

In fact, the idea for the album originated before the pandemic. The album was already in progress and the band, on hiatus from the tour, continued to work and interact only through screens.

“Working on these songs in such an apocalyptic time, with everyone stuck at home, glued to their screens, fueled the feeling that it’s pretty hard to discern what’s real and what’s not.” , explained Dan Smith. leaders who lie. But online you can be anyone and this is all fascinating.

Give me the future takes us to an unrestricted sci-fi wonderland, each song is a different dream landscape, a place where you can time travel to be anyone, do anything thanks to technology that allows you to get lost in our imagination. The album is peppered with references to the world of cinema and science fiction literature, video games and virtual reality.

It is a record that supports the idea of ​​the unlimited possibilities of the future through a real journey of escape: the track Thelma & Louise is a tribute to the iconic feminist film on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Club 57 to 80s New York and Keith Haring’s world to single No bad days, accompanied by a video co-produced for the first time by Dan Smith and set in a futuristic laboratory where the singer plays a character who uses technology to try to resuscitate a lost loved one.

The video deliberately nods to the sci-fi classic of “Metropolis”, “Ex Machina” and “The Matrix”: “I am satisfied with my experience as a director – confides the leader of Bastille – and proud of the little one. film that we made with an obsession for cinema, so it represents for me the realization of a dream “.

For the first time, on this album, Bastille calls on several collaborators. Although the record was primarily produced by Dan Smith and Mark Crew, there are a few tracks where various artists from the international music scene have collaborated: Distorted light beam was co-written and produced with Ryan Tedder. Thelma + Louise, Stay Awake and Back to the Future were co-written with legendary singer-songwriter Rami Yacoub (Britney Spears, Lady Gaga). In Promises the voice is that of actor and musician Riz Ahmed. British writers Jonny Coffer, Plested and Dan Priddy also worked on the album.

“I just look at the really weird times we live in and I love to find answers through these songs – added Dan – As the last track says. Who knows what the future holds … no matter if I have you, it happens whether we like it or not. Finding happiness in the moment is definitely the goal, whether in the real or virtual world. “

And here are all the traces of Give me the future:

Distorted light beam

Thelma + Louise

No bad days

Brave New World (Interlude)

Back to the future


Promises (by Riz Ahmed)

Turn off the lights

To stay awake?

Give me the future

Club 57

Total dissociation (Interlude)

Future Holds (feat. BIM)

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