The Swedish Medical Association to tackle ethnic discrimination with SKR

– My idea is to address the issue of SKR right after the holidays. On the part of the Swedish Medical Association, we will insist that all regions should have routines and guidelines against discrimination against doctors, Sofia Rydgren Stale, president of the Swedish Medical Association, told Läkartidningen.

What requirements must be made?

– All regions have a responsibility to get to the bottom of patients’ questions about healthcare personnel based on ethnicity and background. The regions must comply with current legislation. It must be ensured that jurisdiction always reigns. DN’s review also clearly shows that guidelines must be properly followed so that they are actually complied with.

What can the regions do?

– One part is to properly assess your own care and then take a holistic approach that also includes inpatient care. Otherwise, there could easily be a focus on the health centers around these issues.

– But they also need regulations for LOV. review [lagen om valfrihetssystem] – are the requirements clear or do we need to tighten them up – and see if sanctions can be introduced if the rules are not complied with.

How did you react to the outcome of DN’s assessment?

– With horror, anger and surprise that so many caregivers were compliant and so few who were against the demands. Everyone probably knows this is a health care problem, but you’re still surprised it’s so widespread.

Dagens Nyheter’s review includes both doctors and dentists. The Swedish Dental Association now wants The discrimination ombudsman investigates healthcare providers.

In the Stockholm region, the political leadership plans, according to DN, for dialogue with private health care providers to fight discrimination, while the social democrats in the region are demanding a special review and discussions with unions.

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Läkartidningen 32-33 / 2021
(updated 2021-08-11)

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