The three stars of the match: Kristianstad HK–HK Aranäs

Maja Hedberg. Photo: Avdo Bilkanovic/Bildbyrån.

Kristianstad HK defeated HK Aranäs by 33 to 28 and thus achieved the fourth consecutive victory in the Handball League. The handball channel has named the three best players of the match.

Three stars – Maja Hedberg

Is far from “just” a talented defensive player. She is in a period where she cannot miss the line. Away against Hallby she scored seven goals in seven ends and against Aranäs the middle six were always 100 percent. This time, eight goals were scored in eight ends before the team captain had to sit down and rest with just over four minutes remaining.

Two stars – Sanja Radosavljevic

Barely leaving any space in the first three rounds, the Serb almost scored. I got a little more space against Aranäs, perhaps because the away team played an attacking defensive game and thanked it by scoring nine goals. So clinical, so skillful and too good for the Handball League. Also, an underrated defensive player.

One Star – Anna Heed

Aranäs made things difficult for Kristianstad throughout the match and a lot of that was due to the grouped and aggressive defensive play. That’s where Heed came in. Also, the player who was the most decisive in the offensive game. Individually, Heed is Aranäs’ best player, we don’t talk about it.

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