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The shocking event took place on the set of the American show “Got Talent” in the state of Atlanta. Jonathan Goodwin, 41, planned an extreme number. He had to free himself from the straitjacket, which hung between two cars. The ending had to be very effective – the contestant had to land on the floor on an inflatable mattress.

He was crushed by hanging vehicles

However, the situation got out of hand. The recording, which has reached the TMZ portal, shows the man being crushed by hanging vehicles. After the collision, the 70-meter-high cars caught fire.

Later, the stuntman fell to the ground and hit his head. The man was taken to hospital in critical condition, according to the New York Post. The accident was so horrific that the crew on set thought Goodwin was dead.

The worst is over

Until now, nothing was known about the man’s health. However, the contestant of “Mom Talent” shared a photo of the hospital on Instagram and described what exactly happened. By the way, he thanked his relatives and all the fans for their support.


The photo shows the stuntman has a broken arm and a burned face, but it looks like the worst is over. He is also known to have undergone several surgeries at Goodwin Hospital. “The road to recovery is long” – the man admitted on Instagram.

A few days ago my life changed completely … But love from all corners of the world poured over me; from people I didn’t even think knew or remembered me…it just amazes me. Really great – confesses the stuntman.


“I still have a lot to do”

As he adds, Death says “nananana boo boo”. “I still have a lot to do in this world. Maybe we can do something good together?” – Goodwin ends his post.



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