The troika with the horn deprived USK basketball players of victory in Yekaterinburg


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USK Praha basketball players lost in the 4th round of the European League in the Yekaterinburg title defense 73:75. In the dramatic end, they lost a possible valuable victory against Alexandria Bentley’s three with the final horn. Coach Natálie Hejková’s side recorded their second loss in Group A, while the Russian side remain undefeated.

“I think we played a very good game. Of those we played in Yekaterinburg, it was definitely the best from last season. We are terribly disappointed that we lost the second game in the dying seconds. We think that the Euroleague already deserves it. VAR, “USK coach Natália Hejková told ČTK and also recalled the initial defeat in Montpellier.

“I don’t want to comment on it, because it doesn’t belong to me, but there was at least one car. We are not lucky that we cannot complain. There is no way to do it. with a winning shot.

Americans ‘Brionna Jones and Alyssa Thomas’ 17 points did not help the Prague team succeed, after which the USK players took a 73:72 lead with six seconds remaining. Jonquel Jones scored a double brace with 15 points and 10 rebounds. This year’s WNBA MVP was the home side’s top scorer with Torrens.

The Czech champions only let Yekaterinburg take the lead three times in the first half. It was 16 seconds after Emmy Meesseman’s first basket, then exactly five minutes after Jonquel Jones’ trio at 3:12 PM, and finally up to nine seconds before leaving the locker room, when Torrens adjusted to 38 : 37.

The Prague team escaped four times for a difference of five points. Veronica Voráčková was particularly good at shooting, scoring 15 points in the middle of the game. Brionna Jones completed it with 11 points.

At the turn of the second and third quarters, Thomas broke the Russian team’s eight-point line, but USK players more than made up for the loss. They took the lead for a while only in the 24th minute, when Thomas again increased the score to 44:43.

Then they led in 32:50 thanks to Dragan Stankovičová (60:59), 109 seconds before the end after two successful free throws from Thomas (68:67) and finally at the very end, when after a pass from Thomas, Jones took it under the basket. But Yekaterinburg managed to respond. After Torrens’ help, the USK Bentley was saddened and there were no surprises.

“I think we were better in terms of games and deserved to win. Our performance against World Pick was pretty decent, we have something to build on. Hanušová and Vyoralová, injured, we missed again, so we are all the more disappointed that it did not work, “said Hejková.

His team will host Salamanca at home next week on Tuesday. “He’s another direct opponent to advance to the playoffs,” said Hejková, estimating that the supporting performance of Thomas and Jones after their late entry into the season after serving in the WNBA will qualify with increasing games. “They have to get used to the team. It’s still raw and it will definitely be even better,” she added.

European Basketball League – Group A, Round 4:

UMMC Yekaterinburg – ZVVZ USK Prague 75:73 (23:26, 38:37, 55:53)

Most points: J. Jones and Torrens both 15, Vadějevová 12 – B. Jones and Thomas both 17, Voráčková 15. Fouls: 19:15. Free throws: 13/12 – 15/11. Three: 3: 4. Rebounds: 42:40.

Riga – Benátky 71:57, MBA Moscow – Szekszárd 65:62, Salamanca – Montpellier 88:67.


1. Salamanca 4 4 0 301: 228 8
2. Yekaterinburg 4 4 0 313: 271 8
3. USK Prague 4 2 2 309: 260 6
4. Riga 4 2 2 232: 259 6
5. Montpellier 4 2 2 287: 319 6
6. Venice 4 1 3 262: 276 5
7. MBA Moscow 4 1 3 242: 275 5
8. Szekszárd 4 0 4 242: 300 4

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