The unprecedented act of a marathon runner may conflict with all the principles of fair play

The video from the match started to spread on social networks. The plans accuse Amdouni of unsportsmanlike conduct when he overturned bottles of water, which had been prepared in a soft drink next to the track. Then he kept for himself the last bottle in a row.

During the race, the temperature on the track reached 27 degrees Celsius and water is, of course, a very welcome way to refresh the marathon runners. The unsportsmanlike gesture angered, among others, the popular British commentator Pierce Morgan.

“The gold medal for the biggest jolt of the Olympic Games is won by the French marathon runner Morhad Amdouni, who deliberately overturned the water bottles. Unbelievable! “Morgan did not take napkins.

“I have never seen anything like it. Sometimes the knife on the track can be fun, but that’s just crazy. “Amdouni’s dangerous and pathetic act,” he said in comments on Twitter.

A little more conciliatory was the former British farmer Dave Calbert, who is not sure if the Frenchman deliberately overturned the water bottles. “I leave it to the public to form their own opinion. “I am just saying that it is difficult to catch just one bottle at this rate,” he wrote.

Former Australian athlete Tamsyn Manou agrees. “Let us not make hasty judgments. “It is difficult to drink a drink, in any case it is true that it did not help the competitors for that”, he wrote.

As expected, world record holder Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya won the race and defended his victory in the Rio Marathon at the Olympic Games. Amdouni did not make much use of his soft drinks and finished seventeenth.

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