The whole family participated in the construction of the pool. In its place it used to be a pigsty

Although it certainly does not look like that today, in a place where it now has a pleasant appearance, the indoor pool used to be a pigsty. Twenty-four-year-old Gale Sharmaine Orina recorded on her cell phone all the work her family had done with the transformation. It is clear from the video how not only the adults got involved at work, but the children to the same degree and with the same effort.

“As summer begins here in the Philippines, we decided to turn our old pigsty into a swimming pool. It has not been used for many years and until recently there was a pond, so you can no longer smell pigs. “We cleaned the space, removed the furniture and then started filling the gaps inside and out with concrete,” he confessed to the AP.

The family first leveled the uneven floor and then laid the tiles on it. Because they were recycled, they first had to be washed and cleaned with a strong stream of water. The tiles do not come close to each other, there are several centimeters between them, filled with concrete. After drying, the entire inner surface of the pool was treated with waterproofing paint, and again they waited another two days before drying.

Only then could they proceed to the last step, which was the coating of paint. The family chose the characteristic blue color. Painting was an activity that children were particularly involved in.

Not only the exterior of the new pool is painted blue, including the columns on which the corrugated iron roof rests, but also the interior walls of the pool as well as the wide joints between the lower tiles. The tiles themselves remained in their original color.

“We waited for almost a week for the paint to dry completely and then we started filling with water. “When the pool was finished, we drained it and since then we change the water every week,” said Gale, who filmed the transformation between April 6 and 16.


Could your family do such a job in ten days?

Seamlessly. We can come together and prove something together.

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