The world’s greatest middleweight strongmen fought in the Litovel brewery

On Saturday July 15, the third edition of the most demanding competition of strong middleweight men WORLD GRAND PRIX U105 kg took place in the premises of the Litovel brewery. The invitation was accepted by ten of the strongest men in the U105 kg category and they presented themselves in five original disciplines that have no analogues in our country. Litovel brewery ambassador Jiří Tkadlčík, successor to Gustav Frištenský, also took part in the strongman race. Part of the run was also a charitable gesture, thanks to which Hospice na Svaté Kopeček received the sum of 20,000 crowns from the Litovel brewery.

Fans of the WORD GRAND PRIX strength sport gathered in Litovla to see the battle of the strongest men in the world with their own eyes and enjoy an undeniably great atmosphere. The fans thus provided the strongmen with incredible support, thanks to which they behaved heroically, despite the harsh conditions and high summer temperatures, which reached up to 40 degrees Celsius in the sun. In five selected disciplines, from running with a super yoke of 410 kg to lifting barbells weighing more than 380 kg, elite competitors from all over the world, who were named on the basis of long-term running performance, competed. Strongmen from Slovakia, England, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Canada and Denmark competed for the title of the strongest man in the world 2023 up to 105 kg in the premises of the Litovel brewery. The legendary Jiří Tkadlčík, Radek Srb and Vojtěch Kučera performed for the Czech Republic.

“I am proud of the Czech Republic, Moravia and Litovel Brewery hosting the WORLD GRAND PRIX U105 kg for the third time under the auspices of the World Ultimate Strongman Association. I believe in entertaining people and giving them some joy, and the fantastic atmosphere of this year’s race convinced me that this was the right course,” says Jiří Tkadlčík, this year’s winner and World’s Strongest Man, adding: “ Of course, a big thank you to the strong men who came together from all over the world and demonstrated what they can do. Thanks to them, among other things, we were once again able to contribute to a good deed. Thanks to our unwavering support, the Litovel Brewery donated 20,000 crowns to the Hospice in Svaté Kopeček.

Photo: organizer archives

The whole race is subtitled “Memorial of Gustav Frištenský”, with which Pivovar Litovel has been associated for many years and is at the same time a tribute to this excellent, undefeated wrestler and a true figure in Czech history. “We are proud to have succeeded in carrying on the tradition and to have Jirka Tkadlčík as our ambassador. A fighter who does not lose and who shows people that the possible is even what seems impossible”, says Adéla Hudáková, brand manager of the Litovel brewery, adding with a smile: “The icing on the cake was the presence of Zdena and Frank Frištěnský, the great-granddaughter and nephew of Gustav Friště nský, who ceremonially presented the trophy to the winner and crowned the whole race with his symbolic participation.”

The added value of the whole event is given by the charitable dimension. Austria’s strongest man (world 2021), Emanuel Pescari, lifted a 100-kilogram wooden log above his head twenty times in a row and thus collected the sum of 20,000 CZK, which the Litovel brewery donated to the Hospice na Svaté Kopeček, which provides palliative care for the elderly. “The financial donation that the Litovel brewery has given us in cooperation with strong men from around the world is of great help to us. You know, palliative care is in its infancy in the Czech Republic, and at the same time this help is very important for society,” says Marta Šťastná, director of Hospice na Svaté Kopeček, adding: “Caring with love and respect for people at the end of their life is our mission, and we greatly appreciate any financial help we can give them. our grandparents take care of it even better.”

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