These are the best Halloween costumes of the year

Linn Isabel Eielsen listens to a low-key Halloween this year, but loves to share her best costume ideas.

This year will be Halloween all time! Norway is open and everything is ready for parties, fun and intimidation.

One thing I’m most looking forward to is this year’s Halloween. Personally, I can’t celebrate as the late effects of the kissing sickness have knocked me down, but I can still share my costume ideas!

Here I’ve collected some of my favorites, and you’re free to bring them to life however you want!

Sexy nurse

A classic, but with a 2021 twist. This is where you should wear full infection control equipment as that is: nothing that’s sexier than saving lives while also taking care of yourself.

Illustration: Linn Isabel Eielsen


In the last 20 months, few things have been scarier than people who haven’t been able to get a message. Those who, no matter what was said to them, had their mouths tied under their noses, upside down or in their pockets.

So why not dress like an empty skull?

oil stain

Scare off all social groups with the oil slick costume! The UN climate report made it clear that we fucked if we don’t do something soon. Dressing up as an oil slick can deter environmentalists, who rightly fear the future.

The oil slick costume may also scare off an oil worker/FRP politician as you will remind them of climate activists.

Electricity bill

Due to the high electricity prices, everyone can get cold. Both figuratively and literally.

Vaccine opponents (family costume)

The vaccine standard costume is a perfect family costume. You can herb the point is to write what you want on the stones, and to use flowers as decoration, for example.

Do you need more inspiration?

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