This Europe was a bit risky, admitted skip Klíma. Curlers overcome preparation and want to be among the elite six at the World Cup

“The main goal of the European Championship is always qualification for the World Championship, which we achieved. We went there with the partial goal of improving last year’s ranking and this year’s previous, when we were seventh, our goal was top 6. , which unfortunately we did not achieve”, Klíma assessed the Czech performance on me.

At the start of the tournament, the Czechs defeated the Olympic champions Sweden, led by one of the best coaches of all time, Niklas Edin. After that, however, they won the only match out of eight as they managed to dominate the Turks. “This year’s championship was very special in that we managed to play very well against strong teams, but we lost to the weaker ones that we were supposed to beat,” admitted Klíma.

The Czechs couldn’t compare to the details in the Aberdeen room. “It was more intimate, in a curling club, the ice was not at that level. It was more difficult for us because the ice was different every time and we had to adapt to the conditions of each match,” Klíma said.

The Czech team wanted to check whether the training changes suited them. Players have changed the technique of throwing stones or sweeping. “This year, from mid-August, we made a lot of technical changes and reshuffled our entire preparation. When we went into it, we knew that this Europe was a bit risky,” underlined the Czech captain.

Before the European Championship, Czech representatives confirmed their good form by winning the home tournament Prague Classic. “We are going up during the season and we believe that if we continue what we started this season, we will get a little closer to the world,” Klíma remains optimistic.

He also recognizes the good humor currently reigning within the team. “We are now best friends from the years I spent in the national team,” he stressed.

Despite the great drama that the Czechs experienced at the end of the European Championship, when the fate of the Czechs had to be decided in an extra round by the subsequent winners of the entire tournament, the Scots, Klíma et al. full of hopeful prospects.

“The goal of the World Championship is top 6, which is very ambitious,” said Klíma.

And this has its own logic. Results count toward Olympic qualification. For the Games in Italy, seven teams plus the organizer access these qualification points. It is generally believed that there will be no shortage of Italians in the top eight.

“The points are taken over two years. If we were in the top six, we would have some margin until next year,” explained the representative captain.

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