This is what the Beijing Games medals look like. The Olympics will start in 100 days

There are 100 days until the start of the Beijing Olympics, and organizers have announced the form of the medals, which will be contested in China at the Olympics and subsequent Paralympics. To concern.

One hundred days before the start of the Beijing Winter Olympics, final preparation of venues in the three competition areas is also coming to an end. By the end of the year, several sharp test events are planned, including ten international races, during which conditions will be the same as in the February Olympics. In addition to the 12 sports venues, out-of-competition constructions or highways and a highway connecting individual areas have also been completed.

Beijing is the first city to host the Summer and Winter Olympics. As with the 2008 Summer Games, the opening and closing ceremonies will take place at the renovated National Stadium. In addition to the “Bird’s Nest”, the “Water Cube” room will again serve the athletes. It hosted swimming competitions 13 years ago, and curlers will find refuge there next year.

A number of World Cup races and world championships in snowboarding and freestyle skiing were scheduled to take place at Olympic venues in the spring, but all events were called off due to strict measures against the spread of the coronavirus in the country the most populous in the world. Therefore, the organizers only passed the internal quality tests of the sports venues.

From now on, all foreign participants will have to be vaccinated in the same way as during the Olympics, or they will have a quarantine of three weeks. They will move in a closed “bubble” between the sports fields and the accommodation and will be tested every day. Spectators may also be present at certain test competitions. The measures will be adapted to each site.

In addition to the already organized speed skating and shorttrack races or bobsleigh tests, which were also tested by the Czech national team, there will also be three weeks of training and curling and ice hockey tests. over the next three months, which will involve only Chinese athletes. The tests will take place at the three venues of the planned Olympic competitions.

The head of the Czech mission, Martin Doktor, had previously had the greatest fears about long distances. Yingqing Alpine Skiing and Ice Sports Center is 100 kilometers from Beijing, and Changjia-Chou Remaining Snow Center is 100 kilometers. The new highway and expressway should help speed up travel between them.

The games in Beijing will start on February 4, due to the coronavirus, they will take place without foreign fans.

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