This is why nurses think they do the best job in the world

In 1969, Kerstin Karlsson started working as an operating room nurse. A career choice that she has never regretted. In 2011, she retired, but continues to embark on the adventure.

– It's fun and I feel like I'm needed, she said

– I have always loved my job and I enjoy working with one patient at a time and trying to fix what is broken.

“Hidden work”

And she's not the only one who loves her job. But the operating room nurses themselves believe that their work is done somewhat in secret and that more people would want to continue their education if only they knew what this work entails.

– I think it is interesting to work with technology in healthcare, says Åke Rundqvist, who has worked as an operating room nurse since the 1970s.

Kerstin Svanqvist also started working as an operating room nurse in the 1970s, and today, as she is about to retire, she has 43 years of experience in the profession.

– I never thought that going to work was boring and I like that we work as a team to do something that is good for someone else.

I never felt in danger

Operations are today a high-tech activity, but the operating room nurses we meet at the CSK have never felt in danger in their work.

– No, we have always received good continuing education, we work together and benefit from support. So even though the company grew from a few devices to very advanced technical equipment, I always felt safe in my work, says Kerstin Svanqvist.

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