Tidö parties investigate consequences for those who fail to report undocumented migrants

August 31, 2023 • < 1 My

As expected, the government and the Social Democratic Party are continuing with their proposal on mandatory notification. When further guidance is delivered today to the investigator, the mission includes proposed consequences for those who fail to comply with the reporting obligation.

The aim of a declaration obligation for people working in the authorities and the public sector is to better control people residing illegally in the country. The idea is that those who come into contact with people who do not have the right to stay in the country will be obliged to report it to the Swedish Migration Board or the police. The investigator, who must submit his final report in a year, must also formulate proposals on the consequences for those who do not appear.

Since being introduced in the Tidö agreement, the mandatory notification proposal has been heavily criticized by teachers as well as social workers, health workers and librarians. In the guidelines addressed to the investigator, it is intended to examine whether it is necessary to provide for exemptions from the obligation to declare in cases where “the obligation to provide information would conflict with sensitive values” . As an example, Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenegard (M) cited medical staff at Thursday’s press conference.

The guidelines addressed to the investigator also include a number of proposals to be reviewed to increase the return of people whose asylum applications have been rejected. Among other things, the investigator must study the increased possibilities of checks, the increased use of fingerprints and facial recognition during checks, the extension or abolition of limitation periods for deportation decisions.

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