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Sander Sagosen in Norway. Photo: Johanna Lundberg / BILDBYRÅN.

Kolstad versus GOG. A star team with financial problems and a star team in harmony. The teams met in double practice matches and ultimately won each game.

There has indeed been some drama surrounding Kolstad Håndball’s big investment recently. Big financial problems, which forced the players to accept a pay cut. Moreover, Janus Smarason has opted to leave the club for the Bundesliga. The worst of the chaos has subsided and the team is gearing up for a new season.

During the weekend, the Danish champions, GOG, took on the Norwegian champions, Kolstad, in double practice matches. Kolstad was obviously able to put some of the drama behind him and was able to focus well on the games.

The debut game was also Sander Sagosen’s first for a Norwegian club side in ten years and he scored four goals going forward. GOG were in control and seemed to have a grip on the match, but Kolstad clung on and were only a goal behind at the final whistle (27-28).

– I saw the outlines of something really good. But right now we’re getting too reflective, too little is happening on autopilot in the attacking game, Christian Berge said. Kolstad website after the game.

Simen Lyse and Torbjørn Bergerud stood out on the pitch and scored seven goals and 19 saves respectively.

On Sunday, the teams met again and it was Kolstad who controlled the game instead. The Norwegian team was much more effective in the future and also put up a good defensive game. The game ended 30-28 and there were happy faces in Kolstad after the game.

– It was fun to try against a high level opponent with whom we were equal, said Stian Gomos Kolstad website after the game.

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