Tiguan, full of technology. Volkswagen SUV raises the bar even higher

MILAN – The look, with the raised hood and the front end completely revisited thanks to the grille that closely resembles the larger Touareg and incorporates the LED headlights, both the generously available advanced equipment and technologies, as standard components or optional accessories, and which find their most obvious manifestation not only in the two large digital screens, the instrument panel and the display of the infotainment system “flooded” in the center of the instrument panel, under which you can see a another of the innovations brought by restyling: the touch module which manages the air conditioning.

Its tactile cursors well-lit and well-sized, they allow you to easily adjust the temperature and ventilation, and again thanks to this type of virtual controls, you can manage other functions such as the heating of the windshield, the seats and the rear window. And also for the management of the new multifunction steering wheel you can count on a digital panel available on request. So many solutions which effectively mark the disappearance of a large number of keys and mechanical controls, replaced by the man-machine dialogue delegated to virtual instruments.

Also evolved This is the panorama of driving assistance systems grouped under the IQ.Drive label that marks, among other things, the debut in the Tiguan range of Travel Assist, a device that offers level 2 autonomous driving functions by on the steering, brakes and accelerator. Operational up to 210 km / h, from standstill with the DSG gearbox and from 30 km / h if the gearbox is manual, the system incorporates, among other things, automatic safety distance control and lane keeping assistance. It is activated via the button of the same name positioned on one of the spokes of the steering wheel, the capacitive surfaces of which detect the presence of the driver’s hands. Otherwise, as required by current regulations, Travel Assist does not come into operation.

IQ.Light, on the other hand, is another Innovative “container” at its beginnings on this model (which inherits it from the last generations of Touareg, Passat and Golf) and concerning, as its name suggests, lighting, characterized by the most successful version of Led Matrix headlights in which each module, composed of 24 electroluminescent diodes, manages the light beam in an “intelligent” way which respects its own safety and that of other road users. A high-tech solution also associated with dynamic front and rear indicators, always in LED, which give the sensation of “sliding” of the lights so fashionable, especially on high-end cars.

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