Time change – this time will the “last time” really be the last? Karski from PiS on the date of changes: Spring

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In the night of 30-31 October we switch from summer to winter time again. We will change the hands of the clocks from 3:00 to 2:00. We get an hour of sleep at a time, but is there another benefit to changing the time? The discussion on this topic has been going on for years. Many economists see no justification for changing time, and doctors point to the negative effects on health, especially mental health.

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Changing the time can be fatal

The vast majority of EU citizens are affected by the diversion and its consequences. According to a 2018 study by the European Commission, this is no less than 84 percent. of the respondents is in favor of abolishing time changes. At that time, 4.6 million inhabitants of the Member States were interviewed.

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A similar poll was conducted a year later by CBOS in Poland at the request of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. The study found that 78.3% of people did not like the time change. respondents. Most of them (74%) stated that if there was only one time in Poland, they would be more comfortable with the Central European Daylight Saving Time, which we switch to at the end of March.

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Change to winter time. MEP Karol Karski announces liquidation

The time in Poland is synchronized with the time in other EU countries. This issue is governed by the 2000 directive. As noted by PiS MEP Karol Karski in an interview with fact.pl, this makes it possible to harmonize communication and transport, among other things. – There are studies confirming that the harmonization of time between countries produces economic benefits. Whether the change of daylight saving time causes them is not clear here. Certainly, from a medical point of view, it has been proven that it is better not to change the time for the mental well-being of the residents, Karski said. When will we say goodbye to the EU clock change? – I think the realistic deadline is that we don’t change to daylight saving time in the spring and that we stick to the natural time i.e. winter time – said the MEP.

This is not the first statement by a PiS politician on the matter. – The Polish government is in favor of the resignation of the changing time; we will want daylight saving time to be adhered to – said, among other things, in March 2019 in an interview with journalists. – These solutions should be fully implemented by April 2021. If the winter time is respected, the change will not take place. If we stay in daylight saving time it will be the last time shift and there will be no more. These are good solutions, beneficial because they serve people, he promised at the time.

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