Too bad about the introduction. Czech hockey team lost to Slovakia 2:6

The Czech hockey team participated in the World Championship in Gothenburg, beating Slovakia 2:6. Coach Patrik Augusta's men took the lead 61 seconds after Dominik Rymon's goal, but the opposition made it 5:1 thanks to two goals and an assist from Servác Petrovský. The next match in Basic Group B awaits the silver defenders on Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. against Norway.

“We stopped playing and the second goal we conceded eroded us. But discipline was the basis. We had too many expulsions, except for fifteen minutes of the first half, it's quite difficult to assess “Towards the end of that period, we were losing records, giving them up,” Augusta told reporters.

The Czechs had an excellent start to the match. With a quick counterattack, they outnumbered the opponent and the combination with Melovský and Becher ended with a lone Rymon, who headed the puck past Gajan. Slovakia had its first numerical advantage in the 4th minute after Čech's foul, but it was interrupted after just 26 seconds by an illegal tackle from Sýkor. Before the first half, Czech captain Kulich appeared threatening and the Slovaks defended themselves even from Dej's penalty. At the end of the first game, Dvorský had a chance to equalize, but he was unable to overcome Hrabal.

“We started to play lightly, we kept the pucks. We thought that it would go away by itself, because the first period from us was decent. But the opponent added, got numerical advantages and got on the horse. The game was fragmented, we played weakened and many players did not enter the game”, sighed Augusta.

At the start of the second half, the Czech goalkeeper covered the escape of Petrovský, who only rejoiced when Alscher was sent off. From the right circle, he leaned on Mešár's pass and beat Hrabal on the move. The Slovaks were active, moreover, August's selection had to defend themselves during penalties from Redlich and Alscher. With the full number of players on the ice, Mišiak had another chance, but missed the goal.

In the 38th minute, after welcoming the goal, Sapoušek threatened Gajan in a rare Czech opportunity. In 38:32, on the other hand, the services of coach Feneš were delighted with the turnaround. From the edge of the right circle, Repčík shot over the screen past Hrabal, to whom the puck fell behind the goal line. Šalé could answer. Even before the break, fullback Adam Jiříček was injured in a fight with Pekarčík, who tried to play at the start of the third game, but had to withdraw. Dvorský still had a chance by getting ahead of Hrabal, but Melovský's foul also made it difficult for him to finish.

82 seconds into the third period, Honzek took advantage of the power play by coming off the post after Mišiak's shot. In the 45th minute, the Slovaks won even weakened. Štrbák kept the puck in the offensive zone and Žabka headed from behind the left circle to the opposite top corner of Hrabal's goal. In 67 seconds in a four-on-four match, Petrovski hit exactly from the right circle and scored for the second time in the match.

At 49:37 after Cech's foul, Repčík had the opportunity to take a penalty, but he was not ready for the Czech goalkeeper. In the 52nd minute, Šapovaliv fortunately corrected the situation, who did not beat Gajan, but Mišiak and Žabka threw the puck into their own goal. In half a minute, Štrbák put an end to the Czech national team's attempts to turnaround after Pekarčík's chance.

“The basis of everything is to outperform the opponent. It's not so much a question of system and luck, but of work. The Slovaks were better in this area, we didn't deserve a better result. I think it “It was a good wake-up call. The matches will get harder and harder, I think we need to start working a lot harder. There have been a lot of setbacks, I imagine the deployment at the World Cup a little differently,” he said. Augusta added.

U20 World Hockey Championship in Gothenburg – Group B:

Czech Republic – Slovakia 2:6 (1:0, 0:2, 1:4)

Goals and assists: 2. Rymon (Becher, Melovský), 52. Šapovaliv (Šalé) – 22. Petrovský (Mešár, Kmec), 39. Repčík (A. Sýkora), 42. Honzek (Mišiak, Petrovský), 45. Žabka (Štrbák), 46. Petrovský (Mešár), 52. Štrbák (Pekarčík, Honzek). Referee: Kova (Fin.), Pearce (Can.) – Schlegel (Switzerland), Thomann (Fin.). Exclusions: 8:5. Usage: 0:2. Underweight: 0:1. Viewers: 984.

Czech Republic: Hrabal – Hamara, Alscher, Cibulka, A. Jiříček, M. Kočí, A. Čech – Šalé, Šapovaliv, Kulich – Rymon, Melovský, Becher – Bareš, Sapoušek, Štancl – S. Redlich, Hujer, M. Přibyl . Coach: P. Augusta.

Slovakia: Gajan – Štrbák, Nátny, Kmec, Žabka, Pišoja, L. Radivojevič, Moško – Mešár, A. Sýkora, Petrovský – Dvorský, Mišiak, Čiernik – Pekarčík, Repčík, Honzek – Žlnka, Dej, Šotek. Coach: Fenes.

USA – Norway 4:1 (0:0, 3:0, 1:1)

Goals and assists: 30. J. Snuggerud (Casey, Fortescue), 34. Brindley (G. Perreault, Leonard), 37. Brindley (Nazar), 45. Howard (Gauthier, Hutson) – 45. Vesterheim. Referee: Hebeisen (Switzerland), Ondráček (CZ) – Faucher (Can.), Konc (SR). Exclusions: 5:6. Usage: 2:0. Underweight: 0:1. Viewers: 1377.

Group A:

Finland – Canada 2:5 (0:1, 1:1, 1:3)

Goals and assists: 36. Kaskimäki (Kärki, Nyman), 59. Lassila (Kärki, J. Pulkkinen) – 17. Danielson (Lamoureux, Mateychuk), 34. Allard (Danielson), 47. Celebrini, 58. Poitras (Geekie ), 60. Lamoureux. Referees: Bjork, Eriksson – Nyqvist (all Swedish), Rampíř (Czech Republic). Exclusions: 2:6. Usage: 1:1. Viewers: 9837.

Sweden – Latvia 6:0 (2:0, 2:0, 2:0)

Goals and assists: 11. Wahlberg (Sandin Pellikka, Östlund), 18. Bystedt (M. Hävelid, Unger Sörum), 33. Lekkerimäki (Öhgren), 35. Bystedt (O. Pettersson, Forsfjäll), 49. Unger Sörum ( Lindstein, Stenberg), 55. Lekkerimäki (Lindstein). Referees: Kohlmüller (Germany), Murray (Can.) – Durmis (SR), Gustafson (USA). Exclusion: 1:5, extra Salomonsson (Sweden) 5 min. and until the end of the match. Usage: 3:0. Spectators: 11,512.

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