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Vamos a la playa by the Turinese Righeira turns 40 – It’s the most famous summer hit in music

Forty years ago, “Vamos a la playa” by Righeiras, originally from Turin, became one of the most beloved summer anthems, selling over 3 million copies. Stefano Righi, better known as Johnson Righeira, remembers how, during his military service, his comrades were initially skeptical of his success, but changed their minds when they heard the song on the radio.

The song, released in 1983, represents the pinnacle of Italo-dance and enjoyed great international success.

The text, which speaks of beach and fun in a post-atomic background, wanted to emphasize the contrast with the gray Turin of those years. At the time, Italy, fresh from winning the 1982 World Cup and weary of the tumultuous political years of the 1970s, sought recreation and freedom in discos. The song was a call to have fun, regardless of adversity.

The original version of the song was more melancholic, but under the guidance of the La Bionda brothers, pioneers of Italian disco music, it was transformed into a more up-tempo track. Contrary to expectations, the choice of the Spaniard was not influenced by the 82 World Cup in Spain, as the song had been written earlier. The duo wanted to combine electronic sounds with 60s vibes, such as “Cuando calienta el sol”.

And also in the summer of 2023 Kolors referenced Righeiras in their song “Italodisco”, proving that the influence of the 80s still remains today.

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