Tourism 2023, Assisi leads Umbria: almost half a million visitors in 5 months

It is overall first in the “Top 10” of Umbria’s most sought-after destinations: traffic increased by 55.5% compared to 2022 and by 16.8% compared to 2019

Foreigner Boom: +76.3% compared to 2022 and +9.8% compared to 2019. Spotlight and Proportion: “Great numbers, set to grow over the summer”

(UNWEB) Assisi. Assisi leads the tourist flow of Umbria, with almost half a million visitors in the first five months of the year alone and a real one foreign explosion coming not only from Europe, but also from America, Asia, Australia and Africa. To certify it is Turismotica, Umbria Region’s database of tourism statistics, which places the seraphic city in first place in the “Top10” of Umbria’s reality chosen as a favorite destination, with 466,653 visitors between January and May 2023, of which 304,405 Italians and 162,248 foreigners. Numbers they say an increase of 55.5% compared to the corresponding period in 2022 (more than all medium and large cities in Umbria) e by 16.8% compared to 2019year before the pandemic.

His presence is particularly important foreign tourists:+76.3% compared to last year and +9.8% compared to 2019. Americans (mainly the United States with 34,918 attendances), Germans (18,945) and French (10,600) are the most fascinated by Assisi, but there are arrivals from all over the world with South America (Brazil 6,701 and Argentina 1,959 in particular), Asia (South Korea 3,999 in the lead), Central America (Mexico in the lead with over 2 thousand attendances), Australia (3,514) and various African countries (3,377) are big players. Lombardy (58,556), Lazio (41,663), Campania (38,994), Veneto (32,575), Apulia (20,350) and Emilia Romagna (18,481) are the most present Italian regions.

Always considering the first five months of the year, it is the average stay also increased in the almost 700 accommodation facilities of the municipal area, where there are more than 12,000 beds available. In fact, we went from 2 days in 2019 to 2.18 in 2023, a sign that Assisi is not the only one attractive destination in Umbriabut which presents and an increasingly specialized offer.

“We are faced with extraordinary numbers – emphasize Stefania Proietti and Fabrizio Leggio, mayor and tourism advisor – which confirm that Assisi is the engine and the heart of Umbria’s tourist stream. If in 2022 our city recorded over 1.2 million visitors, the trend for the first five months of 2023 bodes even better. The data rewards the abundant commitment and significant investments made, in recent times, for the tourism promotion of the city, not only in Italy but also abroad. We believe that the figures recorded in the first five months of the year are destined to increase during the summer, also thanks to an extensive promotional strategy and the offer of a rich program of events, which propose Assisi not only as a city of art and spirituality, but also as an ideal destination for longer vacation periods, surrounded by beauty, culture, nature and fun. In this context, more and more famous people choose our city for their holidays or for important moments in their lives. Like, for example, the singer Annalisa who decided to get married here, the actor Claudio Santamaria who visits with his family, the captain of the Italian men’s volleyball team, Simone Giannelli, who announced on social media that he chose Assisi to do a . of his dreams come true, buying a farmhouse or like Hollywood stars Caylee Cowan and Casey Affleck who spent a few days relaxing in Assisi, even declaring it the most beautiful place he’s ever seen.”

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