TVP news links the CJEU judge to Tusk. “Poland’s success irritates”

On Tuesday “Wiadomości” TVP appeared a material entitled “Poland as the economic leader of Europe”, which talked about review of the 2021 budget.

The economic situation is much better than expected. Therefore, the government can increase spending and reduce debt – said smiling Edyta Lewandowska, announcing the material of Maksymilian Maszenda. – All this despite the pandemic and crisis in Europe and the world, as well as … political struggle in European institutions – added the leader.

In the material, the author said it is a unique situation that the budget is being adjusted, not because of higher spending, but because of nearly 80 billion more revenue than planned. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s conferences were quoted here.

Then the journalist from “Wiadomości” mentioned where the extra money would be spent, including health care, pay increases for teachers and infrastructure development.

“In Brussels, pressure is mounting to slow down the pace of Polish development”

In the second part of the same material, the journalist smoothly switched to criticizing Europe.

Poland’s success is increasingly irritating ruling politicians in Western European countries still mired in a coronavirus crisis. Thus, according to commentators, there is increasing pressure in Brussels to slow down the pace of Poland’s development so as not to catch up with the richest countries in the Community – viewers of “Wiadomości” could hear. – The European Commission is still delaying the approval of Poland’s Reconstruction Plan. At the same time, the Court of Justice of the European Union fines Poland for mining coal at the Turów mine – added.

Statements were then made about residents of Bogatynia who were critical of the CJEU’s decision.

Only one judge from Spain, Rosario Silva de Lapuerta, made the decision, which means the liquidation of tens of thousands of jobs, cutting power and heating in Bogatynia and hitting the Polish energy system. The Spanish media has criticized her links to the European People’s Party, of which she is the head Donald Tusk – the author of the material explained to the viewers.

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