Twilight with Instagram filters is the scariest thing you’ll ever see

Twilight It was one of the most beloved sagas of the 2000s and inevitably marked a generation. Years later it has become a never-ending hotbed of memes, especially regarding its protagonists and the surreal characters at the center of the film.

While Taylor Lautner’s wife has admitted to being “Team Edward” for years, the internet in recent months seems to having found his chief entertainment in some “rewatch” comedians. from some particularly exaggerated scenes in the film. Over the years the saga has inevitably been re-evaluated, especially after many statements by the protagonists who, several times, have shown themselves they slightly regret the choices they made early in their careers.

Things have definitely gotten better for both Pattinson and Stewart that doesn’t protect them from Twitter memes. A user of the platform used a Twilight scene by modifying it with Instagram and Snapchat filters. The result, very disturbing but at the same time hilarious, placed the video trending on all social networks, especially on Tik Tok. The video went around the world and was re-shared by fans of the epic and beyond.

Years after the release of the saga, Scott Eastwood admitted that he auditioned for Edward. What do you think; Tell us about it in the comments!

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