U17 EC: Swedish victory after the monster match in Lundvall

Photo (file): Michael Erichsen/Bildbyrån.

This was not the case for Sweden during the CE U17, but today it is finally a victory. A big reason for this is the magical effort of Hanna Lundvall, who among other things gave 13 (!) goals.

The great Swedish successes were conspicuous by their absence during the CE U17. Sweden have so far lost three out of four games, but this afternoon came the second victory in the championship.

Sweden had a brilliant start to the game and in the seventh minute the blues and yellows conceded no goals but went ahead with four. Hanna Lundvall was red hot from the start and scored five of Sweden’s first six goals in the game.

Despite a clear Swedish advantage, the Icelanders hung on stubbornly and just before the break they equalized for the first time in the match. However, Sweden had the last laugh and Lundvall made it 14-15 with 18 seconds left at halftime.

The second half started evenly, but when Maja Johansson Scharnell scored 18-19, a long Swedish advantage also began. Blågult scored ten straight goals and went from 18-18 to 18-28.

The match was also won there and the time remaining until the final whistle was really only a long parade. Sweden eventually won the match 23-34 and can therefore play for the 9-12 place in the championship.

Sweden scorers: Hanna Lundvall 13, Isabelle Rydén 4, Astrid Löf 3, Maja Johansson Scharrel 3, Nova Huselius 3, Julia Berglund 2, Tuva Jungqvist 2, Tilda Rezic 2, Mini Mowinski 1, Linnéa Kindahl 1

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