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Photo (file): Michael Erichsen/Bildbyrån.

Sweden’s men have had a brilliant start to the U18 CE. Today is the second victory of the group stage and the blues and yellows are therefore ready for the main round.

Sweden started the U18 World Cup by beating the Faroe Islands first, and thus had a golden position ahead of the second round of the group stage today. In today’s match against France, the blues and the yellows had a chance to qualify for the main round, but it would be both equal and exciting.

Axel Månsson started the Swedish scoreline by scoring 1-0, but the teams were then tied 4-4 before the blues and yellows made a small move. 4-4 became 8-4 and then Sweden kept the safe distance for the rest of the half. For a time, the blues and yellows were leading five goals, before France came back somewhat at the end of the half (19-16).

The second half was a completely even story, where France desperately tried to catch up – but Sweden held back. With 45 seconds left in the match, Linus Gustavsson made it 34-31 which was also the final score of the match.

Elias Lundstad and Pelle Segertoft were hungry for goals today and scored seven each.

Today’s win means Sweden and Spain are ready to qualify for the main round, even before the final round of the group stage is played.

Swedish scorers: Elias Lundstad 7, Pelle Segertoft 7, Axel Månsson 5, Albin Hägglund Junler 3, Marcus Björkman 3, Love Sundewall 3, Linus Gustavsson 3, Rasmus Lenzi 1, Noah Martinsson 1, Arvid Boquist 1

Group of results D:

Spain – Faroe Islands 35-25

Sweden – France 34-31

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