U19 CE: Sweden CE fifth – Handbollkanalen

Swedish players satisfied. Photo: Catherine Wall

Sweden finished the championship in the best possible way. France lost 29 to 25 and the blues and yellows thus finished fifth in the CE U19.

A fifth place was at stake and a qualified French team rose to the challenge. However, nothing scared Sweden off, but they went full speed straight away.

After just over five minutes, the scoreboard was 5-1 for Sweden and little was going France’s way. The following minutes didn’t improve much for today’s team either. Blågult ran away at 10-3 and were 15-9 halfway through the game.

Emma Mihailovic started the second half scoring and although the French got a much better order in the second half, Sweden had control of the game. Blågult put in a brilliant effort and eventually beat France 29-25 meaning they will be fifth in this U19 EC.

Stina Wiksfors was one of Sweden’s top scorers during the match and also landed 100% in her finishes. Five out of five were framed.

Sweden scorers: Ida Landberg 5, Stina Wiksfors 5, Moa Wallin 5, Emma Mihailovic 3, Felicia Granat 3, Thea Kylberg 3, Tindra Möller Holmén 2, Sara Smedberg 1, Ellie Hammarström 1, Ebba Leo 1

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