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Sweden. Photo: Catherine Wall

Sweden escaped the group stage, but in the opening game of the main round, they temporarily stopped. Blågult lost to Romania with 42-34.

Sweden were convincing in the EC U19 and are the team that have conceded the fewest goals throughout the tournament. Thus, it seemed clear when the main round was due to begin on Tuesday evening.

Blågult were played against hosts Romania, who in turn lost a game in the main round, and they immediately showed that they had bounced back well after the lost game.

Sweden and Felicia Granat scored the first goal of the match, but then Romania took over more and more. The home nation led for a time with seven goals in the first half, but Sweden managed to finish strong and went into the break with a 19-16 deficit.

The second half was very much like the first, where Sweden found themselves in a constant chasing mode without really having a real grip on Romania. The host country finished the match very strong and eventually won with a clear score of 42-34.

Both nations used all three goalkeepers during the match, but it was only Romania’s Ana Maria Cristea who notched over 30 in save percentage (30.77%).

In Sweden’s second group game, Portugal beat Switzerland 38-25. Today’s results mean Group 1 has become a wasp’s nest, where the top three teams can qualify for the playoffs. Sweden have two points before the final round and must win against Switzerland while Portugal beat Romania to advance to the semi-finals.

The main round will be played tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. for Sweden and 6:45 p.m. for Switzerland and Romania.

Sweden scorers: Emma Mihailovic 7, Sara Smedberg 6, Thea Kylberg 6, Stella Huselius 5, Felicia Granat 4, Tindra Möller Holmén 3, Stina Wiksfors 2, Moa Wallin 1

The results of the day at CE U19:
main tower
Montenegro – Hungary 25-28
Portugal – Switzerland 38-25
Denmark. France 30-29
Romania – Sweden 42-34
losing round
Iceland – Netherlands 26-32
North Macedonia – Norway 23-29
Czech Republic – Serbia 19-19
Germany – Croatia 34-21

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