UniCredit still has not resolved technical issues, customers face limited services

Originally, the closure was to last from Friday October 6 from 3:00 p.m. to Monday morning October 9. However, the system did not work on Wednesday. Later, the bank was to put the internet and mobile banking services into operation, however, many services were not working and were not working a week later, that is, on Monday, October 16.

Customers are still struggling to view transaction history, unaccounted transactions or credit card refund features are not working. In the latter case, customers worry that they will not have to cover an interest-free period due to banking problems.

“Customers can check their credit card payment with their banker at the branch or through our call center. We are working hard to get the remaining features up and running as soon as possible, including a credit card preview, ”Petr Plocek, a spokesperson for the bank, told News.

“We always approach possible customer requirements, for example for waiving the interest-free period for credit cards, with the necessary care individually as part of the complaints process,” he added.

The situation lasts a whole week

“UniCredit Bank claims customers are facing some service restrictions only today, but it’s a situation that has lasted for a whole week,” a disappointed customer Jitka Z told Novinka. “After seven days, I still have no transaction history. I don’t know which transactions have been logged and which are pending. The same goes for an overview of movements and transactions on payment cards. He complains.

Additionally, the customer’s credit card expires on the last November, which is another issue. “I will be abroad by then. I wanted to agree with the bank to issue me a card sooner. I have no luck, they told me at the agency. that I could apply, but that does not guarantee that the card will arrive on time due to the problems the bank is currently facing, ”added Jitka Z.

Another customer complained about a discrepancy between the account balance information in Internet banking and at an ATM. In one case, it shows a positive balance, in the other a negative balance.

When the problems were resolved, the speaker could not answer.

“Online banking and mobile banking are available, which means you can log in and use most of the main features, such as entering payments, standing orders and direct debits, customers receive text messages from authorization to activate and unlock mobile banking, cell phone recharging works, there is an overview of investments and term deposits, ”Plocek listed the functions that should be available at the moment.

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