University of Halle biochar expert among world’s most cited researchers for first time

November 16, 2023, 4:51 p.m.

Soil scientist Bruno Glaser from the University of Halle enters the “Highly Cited Researchers” category for the first time. Glaser has been researching biochar for 27 years. This biochar can make soils more resilient to climate change, which is why it is becoming increasingly important globally.

Soil scientist Bruno Glaser from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) is included for the first time on the list of the most cited and therefore most influential scientists in the world. The professor of soil biogeochemistry is one of five MLU researchers who appear in the ranking. “Most cited researchers 2023” brought.

Glaser has been studying biochar and various biogeochemical processes in soil for 27 years. Biochar is created by the carbonization of plant waste at high temperatures and a simultaneous lack of oxygen. No carbon dioxide is released during this process. Biochar can also bind additional CO2 and water in the soil. According to Glaser, biochar is “an important tool for making soils more resilient to the effects of climate change.” This is why the subject has “received increasing attention” in recent years.

“Highly cited researchers”A total of 6,849 scientists from 67 countries are listed in this year’s edition of Clarivate’s “Highly Cited Researchers,” including 336 from Germany. The ranking is published each year and includes the 1% of most cited researchers in journals specializing in their field over the last ten years.

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