Uppsala Municipality Honorary Medalists for 2023 have been named

Football coaches, Balkan connoisseurs, dancers, sailors and radio profiles are in the spotlight

This is the man who put Sweden on the map as the best footballing nation in the world. About the humanist who worked around the world with his independent voice in the security policy debate. The dancer who uses his body to create art that raises important contemporary issues. The woman who, with her sailing skills and leadership, made Ekoln a racing sea and the radio profile who, with her knowledge and personal path, guided us for many years between science and green oases .

This year’s medals of honor go to: Magnus Wikman, Bo Pellnäs, Maud Karlsson Lima de Faria, Monica Åkerlund and Ulla de Verdier.

Extraordinary efforts

– This year’s five medalists have made significant and extraordinary efforts for Uppsala as a municipality, but also for the people of Uppsala and Sweden. They demonstrated social responsibility, leadership and good judgment. From the Uppsala Municipality side, we now want to show our deep gratitude and honor these people with the Uppsala Municipality Medal of Honor, said Klas-Herman Lundgren (S), chairman of the municipal council.

Medal Dinner at Uppsala Castle

The medals of honor are awarded during a ceremony at Uppsala Castle on November 24. During the dinner, municipal employees who have worked for 25 years will also be recognized.

Discover the motivations of this year’s medalists in a press release

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