Uppsala roared against Rimbo – ready for the Swedish Cup

Photo: Uppsala Hong Kong

In the Swedish Cup qualifiers, Uppsala HK caused a stir. The division two team have beaten Rimbo and are therefore ready for the group stage of the Swedish Cup.

In the spring, the ATG Swedish Cup autumn group stage qualifier was decided, and one of the teams that really took advantage of the opportunity was Uppsala HK. The team had a brilliant season and won Division Two East North in superior fashion.

Despite the great season behind them, Uppsala HK entered all three qualifying matches as underdogs, but on three occasions they showed they shouldn’t give up before.

First, Skuru IK were beaten 39-19 at home in Uppsala. After that, a much tighter game against Täby awaited, which nevertheless ended in victory and an extra game (33-30).

In the completed qualifying round, Rimbo represented the opposition. The Roslagen team had a difficult season behind them and left the Allsvenskan, but were still favorites going into the encounter with division two side Uppsala.

However, Uppsala showed will and beat Rimbo 45-32 and 36-42. One of the match winners was Uppsala’s Karl Baky, who found the goal ten times in the closing match. This means that Uppsala HK is one of the teams participating in the Swedish Cup this fall.

The Swedish Cup group stage will be played this fall.

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