Use: “Axios”, intelligence identifies 5 key sectors for the protection of advanced technologies

Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology, semiconductors and automation

U.S. intelligence officials tasked with protecting advanced technology focus their attention on five key areas: artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology, semiconductors and automation. The American site “Axios” writes this, recalling that China and Russia employ various legal and illegal methods to undermine and overcome the domination of the United States in these critical sectors. The success of these five cases, explain the sources of the intelligence heard by “Axios”, will determine “if America will remain the world’s first superpower or will be eclipsed by strategic competitorsThe National Counter-Intelligence and Security Center has launched a campaign to warn US companies and researchers of foreign intelligence threats in these areas, which the Chinese and Russian governments are targeting through international collaboration, talent recruitment and espionage.

Officials warn China has “the strength, talent and ambition” to overtake the United States in artificial intelligence over the next decade, which could dramatically exacerbate threats posed by cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns . Some foreign countries, according to US reports, are spending much more for quantum development than the United States, a fact that puts them in a better position to recruit talent even in the United States. Anyone who wins the race for quantum domination could jeopardize the economic and national security communications of other countries. Competition in the global bioeconomy has intensified in recent decades, as foreign countries have technology and intellectual property stolen in the United States. For example, the article highlights innovative technologies in genomics, which could be exploited for “surveillance and social repression”. The global nature of the currently disrupted semiconductor supply chain creates economic barriers that can be exploited by adversaries. The United States is extremely dependent on a Taiwanese company for key chip components, for example. Finally, the expansion of automation systems for military and civilian purposes presents a “growing attack surface for malicious cyber actors”, warns intelligence.

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