USM P18: Mittún took IK Sävehof to gold

Oli Mittun, IK Savehof P18. Photo: Lina Johansson

Speed ​​and skill at IK Sävehof or size and shooting at Alingsås HK, which would be decisive in the P18 final? It turned out that having the best player in the whole class is a long way – with eleven goals, Óli Mittún led his Sävehof to gold in front of 2,634 people in Hall A.

IK Sävehof got off to a dream start as the Faroe Islands put their team ahead with 1-0. Mittún, combined with a few saves from sharp Arvid Norén in goal, meant Sävehof’s lead was 4-0 after less than four minutes. So far in the match, Sävehof’s arrival has come from nine yards, despite AHK coach William Törnqvist pressing where they wanted Partillelaget’s arrival.

– We will try to do what we have done well in the past. Play offensively and good defense and let them play one more pass. We want to let their edges decide the game for them. Run as much as possible and score single goals, Törnqvist said.

The tactic didn’t work in the opening stages, but when AHK got close and nearly made contact at the end of the first half, it was thanks to them that the finishes of the opposition come from behind the scenes instead of Mittún and his team. -friends at nine meters.

Otherwise, there are two quite different teams from each other. In Sävehof it is built with nimble, skillful and cunning players from nine yards, while Alingsås has much more size and shot power. Sävehof coach Linus Ekman was mostly focused on solving those particular pieces before the game.

– It will be important for us to put an end to their incredible counterplay. Then it will be about how we manage to solve their niometer configuration. They are a tough line that can do most things – shoot, drill and are really good. Offensively, they are good man-to-mans and they will have to be outwitted because it will be difficult to win duels, Ekman said.

It would turn out that Sävehof’s skill and speed of play were decisive. AHK got off to a pretty good start in the second half, where Olle Gransten notably showed the front with his quick shot. But Sävehof was completely too good and defensive play with Norén helped Sävehof score a few easy goals which made the lead unassailable for Alingsås. AHK, on ​​the other hand, didn’t throw their counterplay at all.

Sävehof won 30-20 and thus won gold in the P18 category. An impressive journey for a group of players who have never made it past USM Stage 3.

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