The announcement of the adjusted forecast was made on Friday at a press conference with Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallengren (S).

– The forecast can change again, both forward and backward in time, depending on the circumstances, said Lena Hallengren.

The reason for delaying the date by three weeks is mainly due to the fact that the Swedish public health authority continues to recommend a break from the use of Janssen’s vaccine.

At the same time, vaccination work is progressing in the regions. To date, 2.4 million doses have been given in Sweden and the sub-target that 80 percent of people over 65 should have received at least one dose has now been achieved.

Johan Carlson, Director General of the Swedish Public Health Agency, also took part in the press conference. He stated that vaccination rates are lower among foreign-born than in Sweden.

– We believe that the work to reduce these disparities should be intensified, said Johan Carlsson.

Lena Hallengren emphasized the importance of as high and equal vaccination coverage as possible.

– Efforts need to be stepped up at all levels. I have therefore invited a meeting with regions and the provincial governing bodies in Sweden’s three largest regions to discuss how we can jointly strengthen the work to reach these groups.

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