Valentino Misano Rossi Valentino, goodbye to Misano!

Valentino Rossi will greet today a Misano his fans and all motorcycle lovers. One of the greatest professional riders of all time with 9 world championships on his shoulders. Valentino RossiDoctor Rossi. It applies to everyone. The original, the unique, the inimitable. Not an ordinary mortal. The number 1, despite the fact that I always used the emblematic now 46.

He, who in his own way is so extremely character changed the way you see MotoGP, live it, feel it, but most of all win it. We will miss everything about ValeThe drift, the weak overtaking, the collisions, the shaved hair, the pink. Kisses in Yamaha, the usual superstitious gestures before departure. And going back in time: the chickens of the “Osvaldo Poultry Farm”, the inflatable dolls, the seven dwarfs, the angels, the sketches, even swimming on the track. Yes, because Vale is all that. It is genius and recklessness. Sympathy and audacity.

The doctor in a very elegant tuxedo. Mirrored glasses are the hallmark of glamor.

Excellent, smart, competitive talent. Solar, direct, honest, sometimes disobedient, sometimes disrespectful. He did the impossible. Breathtaking overtaking. This was a masterpiece for Lorenzo in Catalonia in 2009. Conflict at the border. This Stoner at Laguna Seca in 2008 remains unforgettable. The masterpiece wins. The one in Barcelona in 2016 in Marquez who forgets it now?

The boy from Tavoulia

He is the boy from Taboulia that he loves the yellow color in all its shades, who watches and relates to Batman movies and listens to music by Bob Marley. The one who has become a cartoonist, who eats four seasons pizza with mayonnaise and who does not give up sneakers even with a tuxedo. A style that looks like the undisputed yellow 46. Vale is the centaur of Bermuda, T-shirts and baseball caps. But above all the “tennis shoes”. Fan of the Nike Air Max 95, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High, the Vans and even the Converse All Stars. He uses them everywhere with ease, even at the wedding of his best friend UchioThe

Valentino shared everything with his fans

Valentino brought easy and winning culture to the whole world. The athlete who likes to stay up late at night and wake up late in the morning. Who uses oversized t-shirts and hooks with mechanical style, t-shirts. Valentino shared everything with his fans. Its irony, its fun moments, its braking and acceleration, its wonders, its wheels, its falls and its ups and downs. His entertainment, his jokes, his “idiot” in English.

Valentino, just Valentino

In short, Valentino is simple Valentino, and today it is impossible to imagine a MotoGP without this unruly, rude and terribly nice yellow 46! From any angle you look at the “phenomenon” of Rossi, whether you like it or not, is a real masterpiece. So thank you, Dr. Rossi. Today we will all be there, we all applaud, “Everyone standing on the couch” voluntarily quoting the legendary phrase of Guido Meda, the on-track commentator who more than everyone said it.

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Valentino Rossi in a moment of relaxation with Odysseus, Penelope and tapir….


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