“Var, the future is ‘challenge'”

“Var, the future is a ‘challenge'”, headlines the Corriere dello Sport on newsstands this morning.

“Another step forward, perhaps. He comes from Lithuania, home of the last Futsal World Cup. ended in early October with the victory of Portugal the ‘challenge’, the appeal of the coach (or a designated official) concerning an arbitration decision.

Collina himself, who takes a dim view of his introduction to 11-a-side football, said he was enthusiastic on the eve of the event: “It will be an innovative system for the sport, it will guarantee more equitable results”, said the president. of the FIFA Referees Commission. Why the Ifab, which so far has experimented a lot with technology and will experiment a lot, has yet to try to deal with the story, isn’t much of a mystery.

Italy as a football structure has always favored the introduction of technology. It was the Football Federation that introduced Gol Line technology in 2015-2016 and Tavecchio has always led the way in introducing VAR. In February 2020, before the Coronavirus changed its connotations around the world, it was rather the current FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, who opened the doors to the possible experimentation of the challenge in our championship, seeing – more than many other presidents – a possible solution to many controversies (we came out of the usual heatwave on Sunday, with a penalty refused in Napoli against Lecce not reported by the VAR).

The example of futsal could soon be followed also by football, perhaps with an experiment in a European championship or in a tournament of young people (we will know the possible return to the offside with the “light” in the Under-18 Championship, even if the implementation of the automatic offside that Fifa is about to launch could come into conflict). One call per team per hour, if successful you keep the right to be able to make another, otherwise you lose. At the World Cup in Lithuania, out of 208 possible challenges, 60 (30%) were used with four decisions changed by the referees. Yes, it’s a start… “.

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