“Variante MTB Lago Garda: emozionante percorso natur

Una new MTB variant for lovers of two wheels on lake garda. It is a route designed and realized entirely by Apt Garda Dolomiti, in collaboration with the Comune di Riva del Garda, the Forestry Corps, the geologist Alice Ferrari and the outdoor consultant Angelo Seneci. This new itinerary is developed on routes 732 and 734 in the area of ​​Malga Grassi, near Riva del Garda.

Il percorso begins from Capanna Grassi and si noda fino all’habitato di Campi, following il corso del rio di Val di Gelos. It extends for approximately 470 meters with a negative gradient of 90 meters, maintaining a width of 1.20 meters, according to IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) standards. The main objective of the design was to guarantee the safety of cyclists.

This new MTB variant is necessary due to the subsidence of the original path in the area, which has made it essential to create a new stretch of path to bypass the area prone to landslides. The intervention was carried out by the Garda Ranger in collaboration with Arco Pegaso.

The result is a fun route suitable for all levels of experience, with curves and slopes that offer both entertainment and training. This new MTB variant adds to the vast offer of mountain bike itineraries present on Lake Garda, which has over fifty routes for a total of almost 1500 kilometers.

To discover the route and all the necessary information, you can visit the dedicated page on the Garda Trentino website.

This new MTB variant represents an important novelty for the territory of Lake Garda and confirms the destination as a true paradise for lovers of two wheels. The breath-taking landscapes and the variety of paths make Lake Garda a coveted destination for mountain bike enthusiasts from all over the world.

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