Veszprem decisively won the duel against Pick Szeged

Andreas Nilsson. Photo: Vörös David, Veszprém.

Telekom Veszprem and Pick Szeged faced each other for the eighth time this season. Until next time Veszprem sits on the throne, the giant reclaiming the league title after two years at the hands of Szeged.

The tense anticipation in the Pick Arena increasingly turned into cheers outside and overall a huge atmosphere in the third final clash.

Veszprem started from the start and had 6-2 after ten minutes. A period full of sending offs only affected the visitors and Szeged were able to catch up and go through, 14-12 at the break.

Mirko Alilovic in goal for Szeged was one of the best front 30s on the pitch, but his work got worse when Veszprem increased the difficulty of the shots.

Right wing Mikita Vailupau had a good result with nine hits and Bjarki Mar Elisson used both left wing and the penalty line to score six goals.

After losing in the CL quarter-finals, Veszprem will just have to watch when the Final four takes place next weekend. However, the best team starts the summer vacation as clearly the best in Hungary.

By minute 43 of Friday’s game, Veszprem was back in the lead and never looked back with three or four more goals in the final stanza.

Andreas Nilsson’s toil inside the line helped hold the lead, Hungary’s fifth gold of the middle six was a done deal with 27–31 on the board.

For Veszprem, it was the cup lift for the 27th time.

Choose Szeged–Telekom Veszprem 27–31 (14–12)
Veszprem: Andreas Nilsson 1.

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